Professional Translator Program

Certificate as a Professional Translator

This 9 to 12 month program provides candidates the opportunity to select courses from a list of approved courses leading to a Certificate as a Professional Translator. Courses include Principles of Translation, English Syntax for Interpreters and Translators, Spanish Syntax for Interpreters and Translators, and Advanced Translation Techniques. A candidate must successfully complete 12 units in order to obtain a certificate as a professional translator.

Principles of Translation - 3 units – 13 weeks – 33 hours of instruction - $545.00

Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite for this course.

This course includes the basic principles used in professional translation. It covers translation techniques and comparative grammar. This course presents all the basic translation techniques used when transferring into both directions. Sample translations are used to illustrate pitfalls. In-class practices are also included. This course is into both directions. the frist five lectures concentrate in transfers into Spanish while the remaining lectures deal with transfers into English.

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English Syntax for Interpreters and Translators - 3 units - 13 weeks - 33 hours of instruction - $545.00

Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite for this course.

This is an English syntax course specifically designed to interpreters and translators. This course includes sentence construction, homophones, passive and active voice, prepositions, regular and irregular plurals, inversion, subjunctive mood, indirect speech, reporting, relative clauses, non-finite clauses, cohesion, coherence, ellipsis and substitutions. It also includes gerund vs infinitive, idiomatic and non-idiomatic speech and typical pitfalls in English syntax.

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Course FeeCourse NameRegistrationCourse TypeDuration
$545.00Principles of TranslationEnroll NowTranslation Program90 days